International removals

The move abroad? Crivelli removals can assist you

In addition to domestic Removals, Crivelli has been successfully running an International service for many years. Currently by its own means it reaches any location in Europe and neighboring nations that can be reached by Land or Ferry Ships. For countries beyond the sea, Crivelli is connected to an international circuit of qualified Companies operating in all countries of the world.

Once at the destination especially for Intercontinental removals, Crivelli Correspondent's staff can make arrangements with the Client to unload the Masserizie in the destination home by unpacking the furniture, reassembling it, unpacking the furnishings personal belongings and removing used materials.
Crivelli also has in place a Groupages Service for small quantities with weekly departures to major European locations and major Ports of the World.

Today from ours. Operations Center depart and arrive Containers and Lift - Van by Sea and Air with goods destined for or coming from all over the world. Preparation operations for International and Intercontinental Removals require special care that must first take into account the volumes occupied as air or sea freight rates are calculated by weight and volume.

It is essential to disassemble everything possible to minimize clutter. The Materials used for the perfect preservation of packages vary depending on the means of transportation (Sea Via Air or Land).


Crivelli has a state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles for all transportation needs, domestic and international.


Today Containers and Lift-Vans depart and arrive by sea and air from our operations center.

Immediate support

During moves you will have a dedicated helpline throughout the move you will always be heard.

Air transport

CRIVELLI also has its own air transportation service with the company "CLS "belonging to the Crivelli Group.

Heavy material

We have powered elevators, experienced staff and suitable means to handle heavy materials.

Delicate material

In corporate removals, the most delicate pieces of furniture are properly packed with special materials.

Packaging service

Crivelli can build custom packaging in terms of features, shape and size.

Drafting checklists

For the clearance of goods, where necessary, we also enumerate and inventory the goods.

Fast service

Crivelli is structured to provide fast efficient and safe services. 100 years of history in Lugano...

Air transport service

Crivelli also has its own air transportation service with the Group`s member company, ``CLS``, which mainly operates overnight and daytime mail flights in case of transportation of exceptional parts, such as spare parts for oil rigs, transportation of valuables, or transportation of fresh groceries, fruits, fish, etc...

Processing of customs formalities

Packages are numbered and listed in a BOM (Packing - List ) which is later translated into English or the language of the destination country. This Form will accompany the documentation required to carry out the Export-Import Customs Formalities.