Artful packaging

Once you have made the decision that you will take care of the move yourself, an important and delicate test awaits you that must be carried out following some basic rules: packing, or you can rely on WE !!!

The purpose of packaging is to bring together in several containers materials even of different kinds, protecting them from possible shocks or jolts that might occur during transport, while the criterion that should guide us is that of ease of lifting and identification of the contents.

Here are some suggestions for the do-it-yourself packer:

The cartons should be of a sturdy type (preferably 'triple-layered') so that the bottom is strong enough to bear the weight of the material, in a number congruent with your needs and possibly of similar, if not equal, size to each other: this will make it easier for you when you have to 'cram' the transport vehicle.

If you are moving into a building with an elevator, check that the size of the cartons to be purchased are compatible with the size of the elevator access door itself.

It is essential to remember to always write down what a box contains and indicate its above-below orientation, especially when dealing with fragile items; identifying the contents of boxes will be most useful when storing items in their proper place in the new home.

Boxes should be filled "room by room" so that the contents of a closet can be reconstructed more easily while avoiding mixing together items belonging to different rooms.

Once you have emptied all the furniture and have divided and indicated its contents in the various boxes, you can proceed to disassemble it whenever possible, and if you have kept the instructions that were given to you at the time of purchase now they will come in very handy to avoid damage and to facilitate its reassembly in the new home.

To avoid ruining garments make sure you have enough boxes so as to avoid excessive 'cramming' inside the containers. In this regard, Crivelli provides you free of charge with specially shaped cardboard trunks for the safe transport of clothes, called WARDROBES.

As a general rule, store light items in bulkier boxes and heavy items in smaller boxes-this will make it easier to lift and carry them. If you store heavy and light items in the same carton, the former should be placed below the latter.

Fragile items should be wrapped with shockproof material, such as bubble wrap (transparent sheets with bubbles) or white paper (preferable to newspaper) and, to avoid leaving gaps, separated from each other with the same materials mentioned or with towels, rags or tea towels to avoid breakage during the move.