Office removals, corporate

With more than 100 years in business, Crivelli is a moving company that has invested a great deal of its resources in creating an organizational structure capable of successfully dealing with and solving all the problems inherent in office removals, so that it can be considered today, the name of reference for a considerable number of companies that have moved their offices, archives, warehouses or their activities to new locations.

In office removals, the disassembly of simple furniture such as operational workstations, meeting rooms, etc. or more complex such as cabinets, partition and/or equipped walls, stands, floating floors, shelving, compact archives, mezzanines, etc. Are activities that are part of normal performance. In corporate removals, the most delicate parts of furniture for transportation purposes, such as crystal tops, pictures, mirrors, frames, lacquered executive offices, are wrapped with protective material consisting of multilayer paper covers, bubble film sheets, caneté cardboard, and in special cases placed in specially constructed wooden cages. The loading and unloading of all furniture and boxes, in office moves are carried out with the use of aerial platforms of different types depending on the characteristics of the departure and destination buildings. In corporate removals, transportation is accomplished with the use of van vehicles with padded interiors and loader tailgates.

Special Teams particularly versed to "office removals" equipped with the most suitable equipment reposition, safes, armored cabinets, photocopiers. Everything subject to the corporate move, duly labeled, is relocated to the new premises, scrupulously adhering to the lay-outs that the customer sends in advance, restoring the operational functionality of each individual Workplace.


Crivelli has a state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles for all transportation needs, domestic and international.

Immediate support

During moves you will have a dedicated helpline throughout the move you will always be heard.

Delicate material

In corporate removals, the most delicate pieces of furniture are properly packed with special materials.

Packaging service

Crivelli can build custom packaging in terms of features, shape and size.

Packing and unpacking

In the services offered for office moving, our specialized staff can also provide packing and unpacking of all paper materials, rearrange them in the cabinets and/or shelving of the new premises, respecting the original order.

Insurance protection

Corporate office removals are covered by two insurance policies, the first is all-risks and covers all furniture and contents, the second is T.C.R. (third party liability) which covers any risk of damage to the places where you operate.