The Moving of Your Home

We make your move easier

The quality of a Move depends largely on the care with which its preparation is carried out.
CRIVELLI is precisely at this stage that he fully expresses his professionalism. A thorough inspection carried out by highly experienced technical personnel is essential to verify the particularities of the furniture and furnishings by assessing the problems, also in relation to the viability of the starting/destination locations.
The Cost Estimate that is presented to the Client, is prepared directly by our Sales Department in a clear and analytical form, listing all the agreed services against which the costs are indicated, which will remain fixed and unchanged until the end.


Disassembly/reassembly of furniture is carried out by Crivelli's furniture workers who are continuously updated on the types and characteristics of any make and model of cabinets, bookcases, living rooms, kitchens. Loading and unloading when possible is done with the use of external elevators with characteristics appropriate to the departure and destination buildings.

We think of everything...

For the stationing of transport and lifting equipment during Moving (loading-unloading) phases, it is often necessary to reserve and transect the required space.
Crivelli, in this case, relieves its Client of all difficulties by requesting the proper Authorizations from the Authorities that own the spaces involved (Municipalities, Private Parties, etc.).

Air transport

CRIVELLI also has its own air transportation service with the company "CLS" belonging to the Crivelli Group.

Heavy material

We have powered elevators, experienced staff and suitable means to handle heavy materials.

Delicate material

In corporate removals, the most delicate pieces of furniture are properly packed with special materials.

Packaging service

Crivelli can build custom packaging in terms of features, shape and size.

Drafting checklists

For the clearance of goods, where necessary, we also enumerate and inventory the goods.

Fast service

CRIVELLI is structured to provide fast efficient and safe services. 100 years of history in Lugano...