Removals by sea

For international or intercontinental removals

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from customers who need to make an international or intercontinental move: how much does the  container  for my chosen destination? When it comes to international removals involving transportation by sea, it is impossible to give a fixed cost, if only to give the customer a reference. I prices for containers in fact have fluctuations  that can change from week to week .

The elements that affect the cost of the container are as follows:

  • container size
  • date of transport
  • possible storage
  • distance from the port
The size of a container for international removals

international moving containers are generally of two sizes: 20 or 40 feet. Although one is twice the size of the other, the cost difference between the container 20 and 40 feet is about 30 percent, which is a purely indicative value, but can be useful to understand that it is convenient (if you can take advantage of it) to use a large container.

For international or intercontinental removals

The date of shipment of the cargo

This is one of the most influential parameters when calculating the cost of one's international move. In fact, shipping companies decide the cost of the container based on demand: the higher the demand, the higher the cost. It goes without saying that there can be large fluctuations from month to month, depending on how much space is left in the transport ships. Therefore, the price for international transportation of a container always has a very short validity (usually until the end of the current month) and is conditional on the actual departure date of the cargo and, of course, by the country of destination. :

Container storage or warehousing prior to international move

During an international move, there is often a need to store one's belongings in a secure, well-guarded warehouse for a longer or shorter period of time. This, in the total cost of the international move, does not particularly affect it except for the reasons given above since, while the load remains stationary in the warehouse, the transportation prices (as mentioned above) can vary considerably from what is indicated in an estimate made perhaps a couple of months earlier. In addition, material storage involves additional handling and transshipment of all goods from the container to the warehouse and back. Of course, this represents a cost that the moving company can quantify very precisely, once a free inspection has been conducted to quantify exactly how much material needs to be moved.

How to plan economically for one's international or intercontinental move?

The best way to plan an international move is to contact us: this way we can give you all the guidance and advice you need to prepare as best as possible, and give you a firm indication with respect to moving costs, along with a rough estimate for international transportation. Planning ahead is always advisable also because, in this way, the moving company may have the opportunity to combine 2 moves to the same destination, and give you a lower price.