Packaging materials

Crivelli pays special attention to the suitability of packaging material and provides cartons (in various sizes and with specific characteristics) for books and fragile items, for clothing and light material, and for hanging garments.
Paper-bubble is used to further shelter delicate furnishings such as crockery and glassware, while cellophane sheets wrap mattresses, sofas and armchairs; and layers of "thousand bubbles" protect pictures objects and furniture.

Special crates are provided for special packaging to order. If someone wishes to personally pack all or part of the goods to be moved, CRIVELLI Removals provides suitable materials,
or our packing service gives you a chance to think about something else while our staff prepares the move for you.

The cost of the detailed material will appear on your bid, or you can request a flat rate cost of packing material included in the cost of the move!