The Third Age

The move? Crivelli assists you from A to Z

A cliché needs to be debunked: the third age is much more elastic than one might imagine. And the Oscar, in this case, goes to the women, who are curious and interested in the new and in change.

If the grandmother in the house is already active and participates in caring for the grandchildren, preparing dinner, or otherwise being a living presence in the family, she will experience the move and the stages of its preparation in a positive way.

It is a way, psychologists say, to renew oneself, to open a new chapter in life, to create expectations, to make plans. Just be sure to leave his room among the last to be dismantled and among the first to be set up in the new home. The grandfather, as a man, is more habitual and is more difficult to break away from his environment. If he has interests outside the home, urge him, even in the last few days, to take care of them. If he is more sedentary and an avid collector, wait to pack his hobby.

Let him devote himself to it to the last. If you make him participate in storing less heavy things and objects, he will be happy and proud, glad to feel useful.

Allow him as long as possible a space in the house that he lives as his own and where he can rest while reading or watching television. As soon as he moves in, take care to promptly arrange his room. Keep any medications on hand, even on moving day.